Something From Nothing

A 6 month experiment in creation.

In January I decided to commit myself to writing two blog posts a week. Tuesday and Friday without fail I needed to post. It took great discipline to create pieces that lived up to a standard that I am happy with. I am grateful that my work has reached people all over the world, and that some people decided they want me in their inbox!

There were days that I had several pieces lined up ready to go. There were some days that I was scrambling to come up with something meaningful to post. Somehow, I always managed to come up with something important to me. It was often the time crunches that forced me to be creative. I felt like I had to create something from nothing at all.

Sometimes we think of people as being creative. We often don’t pursue something in the arts because we aren’t the “creative type.” The arts have become an extracurricular instead of being recognized as a fundamental part of human expression. What holding myself to a schedule has taught me is that creativity can be learned. Creativity is a practice. Don’t let perfection prevent you from “doing.” Every time you see some art you don’t like getting attention, don’t forget that that artist is doing. They are creating, putting their work out there while you sit and stew that it’s not up to some standard of yours.

If there is one thought I’d like to leave you with it’s this- “Don’t worry, be crappy.” Allow yourself to create. Force yourself to create. The more you create, the more you will learn. If you never put out your work because it does not meet some standard you have in your head, you’ll likely not progress.

This is not a goodbye. However, it is time for me to create one meaningful post a week. I have exciting new projects that need my time and creative energy, and I am looking forward to see how they go!

See you next time,


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