Oops I did it again.

Don’t let the little hiccups stop your work.

This picture is from a self executed photo shoot that I did instead of uploading a blog post yesterday. While I was annoyed with myself that I completely forgot (because telling yourself not to forget never works) I didn’t dwell, and just moved on.

Ain’t nobody got time to dwell when you’re starting up a business.

There is a lot more to starting a clothing and accessories business than just making the items. No one tells you about dragging heavy cloth through the hot and stinky subway. Taking product photos, pricing and labeling items, digital marketing, book keeping. The fact that unexpected costs keep adding up because different fabrics require different needles, and you can’t take product photos in your bathroom mirror.

Ahem. My point is that if you are beating yourself up about something that is trivial in the larger scheme of things, that is time wasted. We cannot change the past. Be gentle with past you. Stop stealing time from current you by dwelling. Start doing.

Reassess your priorities. You’re okay? The family is good? Then good. It’s going to be okay. Now stop reading and get back to doing!

I believe in you.

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