“Be so busy improving and refining yourself that you cannot find time to discuss anything with negativity.”

Well that’s it! All done setting up for the BOSthón tango marathon! Even before it has started I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the people that helped make this possible. For the most part I’m a one woman show. But I definitely had help along the way.

My favorite graphic designer aka my dad, my parents and puppy drove me to Boston with all of my things in tow, James saving my life by bringing me a table and clothes rack. Sophie opening up her home to me, my boyfriend Bogdan for keeping me laughing during the most stressful deadlines. And I cannot forget all of my return customers telling me how much they are still enjoying their items! This brings me the most joy.

It is a team effort, and every little bit of encouragement along the way has been noticed and appreciated! It is hard to strike the balance between work and wanting to put in more energy towards these projects. Right now I am opting for slow and sustainable, and learning so much everyday.

Anyway… I’m off to tend to my stand!

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