Tango Marathon Morning Routine

Good morning, good life? Well, for tango marathons it’s more like good afternoon, can’t talk until my first 1pm coffee. Here is what I do to wake up and keep my body going when I am traveling for tango.

Step 1: Reconcile the fact that I got 4 hours of sleep of my own accord.

I went to sleep in the new day light, and woke up in the even brighter midday light. This is okay. Am I a little crazy? Maybe. Time to dance for another 12 hours….

Step 2: Tea

First of all I cannot function until I’ve had my morning matcha. Something about the warm, soothing, familiar taste centers me. Encourages my two functioning brain cells to rally the troops.

Step 3: Breakfast and supplements

I tend to eat a simple breakfast when traveling. Today was a hard boiled egg and some fruit. I don’t usually take vitamins, but while I’m traveling I take vitamin C, a probiotic, zinc, and a multivitamin. The matcha is high in antioxidants, and I take a mushroom immune support tincture. Running on no sleep while traveling (and making lots of close contact with people) is a recipe to get sick!

Step 4: Stretch in my garbage bag pants.

I really should stretch when I get home the night before, but I’m usually too exhausted. Because night usually means 3-5am. I put on my heat trapping dance pants over my pjs to do some core work and get in a stretch.

Step 5: Off to shower and get ready for a lot of dancing!

Time to shower and get back to it!

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