Second Dinner Debate

Totally candid photo of dancer multitasking: ice, elevate, and post milonga snack!

(Yes those are ice pack slippers, thank you Y-lan 🙂 )

Do you eat a second dinner after a long night of tango? Sometimes I do. But it is always after debating the “you’re not supposed to eat past 8pm” (according to the internet) thoughts. “I’ll just be more hungry for breakfast” thoughts. 99% of the time hunger beats out.

I don’t like to fall asleep feeling too full. There are debates whether or not eating too close to bed time will result in storing the food as fat, instead of being used for energy. I’m going to go with excess food intake is excess food intake and if you are hungry that is your body telling you to eat. Aside from a proper meal, these are the snacks that I like to keep on hand for late night snacking:


-smartpuff cheese popcorn

-Trader Joe’s kettle corn

-Trader Joe’s herb popcorn

Cheese and crackers

-usually smoked Gouda or Swiss. I feel like I can eat larger quantities of those without it feeling like too much.

-Mary’s gluten free crackers



And peanut butter or maple almond butter if I am feeling fancy.

Roasted salted cashews

Chocolate in various forms

First dinner leftovers.

These tend to be satisfying without making me feel too heavy. Happy snacking!

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