Making A Foot Strengthening Video Took All The Strength I Had

“1,2,3…4! Oh my gosh it has been four weeks since I last posted which means we have been home about 4 weeks!”

-Me to my mom a few days ago

I finally had the strength to look at my calendar and face the number of days that have gone by that I have been spending my days indoors. I have spent nearly half of the last month asleep. I have only set my alarm twice- once to wake up for a meditation my friend was holding on Instagram live, and the other to go to the supermarket before it got too busy. Otherwise, my body has been enjoying 9-12 hours of sleep every night. My feet have enjoyed being out of my tango heels, and my hands are enjoying a break from the constant heat of stovetops. My jobs are quite physical, and this unexpected break was what my body really needed.

The last time I posted was about a month ago, nearly a week into staying indoors. Because I cannot do my jobs from home, this has essentially been a time for me to rest and recharge. All of this time made me think about the constant push to turn hobbies into side hustles instead of making art just because you want to.

In the back of my mind I told myself that this is the perfect time to create a ton of blog posts to have ready to go. Videos to roll out in the future. Time to set goals for product launches. Clean out all of those papers I have been meaning to clean. As you can probably guess, I have done none of these. However, I have run out of things to organize in an attempt to avoid these tasks, and I can report that I have officially run out of surfaces to dust in my apartment.

I have eased the constant pressure I put on myself to put out some kind of work. This time has allowed me the freedom to be creative instead of making what I know will sell. Sewing for fun, not to produce, helped me be free enough to make a new top design that I will replicate and sell. My embroidery is great for times when stress gets the better of me. And no one is complaining about the abundance of baked goods coming out of the kitchen. Enjoying a cake just to enjoy a cake is certainly a wonderful thing.

This video marked the beginning of feeling like I could go back to “work mode.” And while I think it will be a very relaxed work mode for me, I feel like the creative recharge of reading for fun, creating for fun, and cooking for fun has made me ready to go again!

Hope you are taking extra good care of yourself wherever in the world you are!


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