A Little Bit Everyday- My 5 Minute Home Ab Routine, No Equipment Required

It is becoming increasingly easy for the only exercises I get in day to be the steps that I take in between my work table and the refrigerator. In order to keep myself relatively in shape, I try to do this small routine as much as possible! It is approximately what I do on my days off of more intense exercise to keep myself feeling conditioned. It is a quick, quarantine friendly home workout that doesn’t require any equipment.

DISCLAIMER: At 8:23 I explain how I execute the exercises. I am not a doctor, personal trainer, or a physical therapist, these explanations come from years of conditioning for ballet, Krav Maga, Argentine tango, and yoga. I highly recommend even one one-on-one session with a trained professional to help you make sure you are doing these exercises properly!

I wish you health and happiness during this time of uncertainty.

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