Thoughts on living in my current physical body

Reminding myself to be less self critical. Within the few hours of waking up I was frustrated with my body instead of thanking it for being a good home. Time to change this mentality!

Waking up:

“Ugh why do my knees hurt… this darn humidity.”

*carefully turns over to my right side over the 2 pillows I keep under my knees and switches my body pillow to the other side*

I am a pillow-needy sleeper. Sounds sad but I need to keep my joints happy, cushioned, and not touching each other. My bed is absolutely my happy place with my lush quilt and silk pillowcases. We spend a third of our lives on our beds! Make the most of it. Do what you need to do to make your body happy even if that means having an extra extra soft mattress and 4 pillows.

Brushing my teeth:

“Oh wow the redness is gone… nice.”

Last night I was recording some interesting face product stuff for the next blog post. Needless to say it ended in me being quite red. I am happy with the results as my skin is clear and moisturized. But often the first thing we do is criticize our reflection right when we get up and brush our teeth. If you feel a negative thought coming on try to push it away and say one thing you are happy about.

My morning weight check in (how I know if I’m not consuming enough calories)

“102.2 lbs… no you’ve got to be kidding me.“

*squats closer to see the number (glasses aren’t on of course) and nearly falls*

*debates getting a scale that will verbally tell me my weight*

*steps back on*

“101.0 lbs oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me and I had bubble tea and frozen yogurt for dinner. I was stressed okay?

I am still trying to figure out how to up my calorie intake. I prepared myself my matcha plus an avocado with truffle salt and 2 soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Today I can rest and clean, but I took the time to make some gluten free Sorghum/Amaranth biscuits. Baking makes me happy, and preparing food that I know is good for my body makes me even happier.

Waiting for the biscuits to cook

“Wow I’m sorry I’ve just been complaining. You’re doing the best you can.”

As I was cleaning I realized that I had been complaining to myself about stiff joints, and the fact that I’m not at a certain weight (even though I feel fine, not fatigued, and my hair and skin are shiny and healthy…). So while my biscuits are cooking I decided to remind everyone to be a little less self critical. You’re doing your best. If you are walking around independently, taking care of yourself with a fully functioning body you are very lucky. Be gentle and speak to yourself like you would a friend.

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