5 Things I Learned From Recording My First Podcast

This Tuesday my first podcast was published! Well, not my podcast, but the first podcast I have been on. It was a very interesting experience! I was definitely nervous at first, but remembering I was just having a conversation with a friend made it an enjoyable experience.

You can find it here: https://s129.podbean.com/pb/85122e8631b0400d3f68aa3e50104c31/5daa5db5/data1/fs59/3891106/uploads/Dagny_FULL_-_10_15_19_1_01_PM.mp3?pbss=837bb3d8-3b81-5fff-b624-9477b7890a05

1. I say “like” a lot more in causal speech than I would like to. Ha.

I didn’t realize that we were recording the first part until Adam introduced me. I was telling a story and it was in a very causal tone. Only when I knew I was recording did I try to be careful with filler “likes,” “ums,” and “uhs.” If I am capable of not using them, why not try to be more conscious day to day.

2. Similarly, I should annunciate better day to day.

I was also more conscious of my annunciation. Why not be clearer with every word I speak.

3. Let people speak.

On the podcast I was conscious to not talk over Adam even if that means cutting out some more mhmms. We often let people know we are listening to them by using “uh-huhs” and “mhmms” to aid the flow of conversation. I consciously tried to decrease the number of verbal affirmations, and switched to nodding that way the audio was clearer for the listener. I didn’t eliminate the sounds, but did realize I consciously decreased them for clarity.

4. I actually have a lot to say.

I was scared I wouldn’t know what to say! But Adam was a great host and I felt like the conversation flowed without being forced.

5. It’s kinda weird to hear my voice.

Listening to my voice is strange because we all hear ourselves differently than how others hear us. I’ve never heard a recording of my voice this long!

Over all I am happy with the flow of the conversation and topics we covered. Don’t forget to always try new things!

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