Supplemental Tango Marathon Snacks

I may need to rethink how I am packing…

“You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach”

I am usually a hungry person, but after I am dancing I’m particularly ravenous. I have learned to pack extra snacks when I travel to dance, to make sure I have access to good, clean food. Healthy snacks should not be complicated!

Fruit & Nut Butter

Ideally I would eat fresh fruit the whole time- the water content also helps with hydration. I packed a few apples, sliced for easy consumption on the road. Dipping it into a nut butter delivers fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats for a satisfying sweet treat.

Dried Fruit

Once the fresh fruit is gone, I break out the dried fruit. Dried fruit is high in fiber and antioxidants, but also in sugar and calories. Try to pace yourself. I have cut up dried mango into smaller pieces so it is harder to eat as quickly as the larger slices.


Though high in “good” fats, nuts are a great way to refuel quickly. Fiber, fat, and protein make this portable snack a healthy and convenient choice.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate makes for a rich and satisfying snack. It is high in antioxidants and has anti inflammatory properties. I always try to reach for dark chocolate, at minimum 70%. One square of the caramel dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s is enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.


If not covered in butter, popcorn can be a low calorie and delicious snack. High in fiber, and airy to the touch, popcorn is great when you just feel munchy. I love the kettle corn from Trader Joe’s. Just the right balance of sweet and salty.

Truffle Potato Chips

Because they’re delicious.

Chocolate Wafer Cookies.

See above 😬

Happy snacking!!

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