Allowing Yourself A “Meh” Practice

Do your best, not the most.

“The pose begins when you want to get out of it.”

Coming back to the yoga mat after a week of no intense stretching is like flexibility suicide for a dancer. After a period of rest, my first practice is not usually spectacular. I feel like I have the flexibility of uncooked pasta and the joints of an aged turtle. The sequence feels too fast, and I’ve somehow gained 50 years in the last week. On the days that I don’t feel like I’m moving well because I have rested for so long, I am working on appreciating the baby steps. I made it to class.

On these days I do not try to push myself to my extremes. I gently move through each pose and rest more than usual. I allow myself to be slow. I allow myself to feel the stiffness. I allow myself an “it’s okay, tomorrow will be better.” Consistently is key to not feeling like this, but life isn’t perfect. I needed that rest. Now it’s time to get back to it.

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